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GRORT is a kind of premixing cement-based composite grouting materials exclusively used for compensation of drying shrinkage, high-early strength grouting, and fast repairing, etc. As a non-metallic material, its shrinkage compensation mechanism is derived from the solid expansion of CALCIUMSULFOALUMINATE (C.S.A) crystals. GRORT hardly contains chloridion and other substances which are corrosive to steel reinforcement. It can be used after mixing with water directly and shaped into a slurry of good flowability under low water-cement ratio, which is favorable to pouring construction and form a kind of high-strength and non-shrinking structure. GRORT is the ideal grouting materials for civil engineering, building, installation of machine and other projects. GRORT CPS is a common grouting material with strength as high as over 25MPa in one day, while GRORT CPS-A is an early-strength grouting material with strength as high as over 35MPa in one day.


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