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Polymer Cement Polymer Cement Waterproofing Coating R400M
NIPAO®R400 Polymer Cement Waterproofing Coating is a bi-component green material free of toxic and harmful substances. After mixing the two components uniformly in a different ratio and painting on substrate, the surface of substrate can reach 1.5mm-2mm in thickness, namely, the waterproofing indication requirement between JS I type and JS II type can be reached. It is widely used in waterproofing work of roofing, wall face, toilet, backfilled wall in basement and ponds. NIPAO®R400M Waterproofing Coating is characterized by: integral forming, free of seam, operation on wet and dry base level, strong binding force, not hollowing, high tensile strength after forming film, good flexibility, ventilation but waterproofing, excellent weather resisting property, freeze-thaw resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistant, and corrosion resistant, so it is the best choice of waterproofing materials at present.
Non-shrinking Grouting Materials
GRORT is a kind of premixing cement-based composite grouting materials exclusively used for compensation of drying shrinkage, high-early strength grouting, and fast repairing, etc. As a non-metallic material, its shrinkage compensation mechanism is derived from the solid expansion of CALCIUMSULFOALUMINATE (C.S.A) crystals. GRORT hardly contains chloridion and other substances which are corrosive to steel reinforcement. It can be used after mixing with water directly and shaped into a slurry of good flowability under low water-cement ratio, which is favorable to pouring construction and form a kind of high-strength and non-shrinking structure. GRORT is the ideal grouting materials for civil engineering, building, installation of machine and other projects. GRORT CPS is a common grouting material with strength as high as over 25MPa in one day, while GRORT CPS-A is an early-strength grouting material with strength as high as over 35MPa in one day.
Artesian Cement
NIPAO® Artesian Cement is a high-new greening product with high scientific and technological content and more complex technical components. It is a dry mixed powder material made of a variety of active ingredients and can be used directly after mixing with water. It can show high-flatness base level after spreading by scraper. People can walk on it after 4-8 hours or proceed with following-up project (such as placement of wood floor and diamond plate, etc.) because of its rapid hardening speed; its fast and simple construction features are incomparable by other traditional leveling methods. Safe, free from contamination, good appearance, rapid construction and coming to service are the features of NIPAO® Artesian Cement. It promotes the civilized construction process, creates excellent-quality, comfortable, and smooth spaces, diversifies the tiling choices for finishing materials of LOGOS, and makes our life more colorful. NIPAO® Artesian Cement is widely used for industrial factory building, workshop, warehouse, business marketplace, exhibition room, gym, hospital, various open spaces, office, etc., and also used for home, villa, and warm small space, etc. it can also be used as the surface finishes or wear resistant base layer.
Root Control Bag
It’s a cylindrical bag made of PP double-side ironed and needle punched non-woven fabrics. When the root control bag is over a certain size,it is furnished with binaural handle to facilitate the operation during the process of vegetation breeding and transplanting; mainly used for cultivation and transplantation of trees, plants and flowers. The advantages of root control bags are as follows: low costs and high efficiency, strongly breathing, preserving moisture and water permeability, cultivated seedlings maintain complete roots, and transplanting success ratio is near 100%, Mainly applied in packaging of seat earth for transplanted flowers and trees,the root of control bag is a perfect substitute of traditional container, and the idealist tool for environmental protection, greening and transplantation.
Roof Greening Bag
Roof Greening Bag is a cubic bag made of PP double-side ironed and needle punched non-woven fabrics. It's furnished with side fastener for locking; mainly used for roof greening.
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