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 Name of Product

 Flat BagⅠ Flat Bag Ⅱ Cubic BagⅠ Cubic Bag Ⅱ Greening Bag
Material Needle p    
 Product Model KSP—110L KSP—84L KSP—110Q KSP—84Q KSP—50G
 Size(cm) 110×50 84×50 110×32×20 84×32×20 50×50×12
 Size after tamped(cm) 85×36×17 59×36×17 84×32×2058×32×20 50×50×12

2.Binding band:Binding the geotextile bag mouth by a self-locking way,the binding band is  easy to use as it's small and exquisite. It's UV resistant and tensile resistant. It plays a key role in gurantee the integrity and effectiveness of the material filled in the bags and the safty of the construction.


3.Geotextiles Bag Project Fastener: a connection fastener that could increase the friction between Geotextiles bags as well as that between Geotextiles bags and geo-grids, and thereby improve the tensile and shearing strength of ecological flexible revetment system.


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