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 Shortcomings of the Conventional Roof Greening

Given the less current unban green area for expansion, the development of roof top gardens and sky dardens are best ways to save the land and opening up ciity space. Technically speaking, the planting soil is a key point for the roof greening.  In the conventional roof greening, the soil is mainly the fertile soil from the earth in which the thickness should be above 30cm in order to make the plants suvive. Its shortcoming are:

1. The costs are high. The matrix is heavy weighted which takes a lot of the transportation cost. Meanwhile, it’s too thick in which takes much the construction costs. Too much Water consumption and it doesn’t keep the fertilizer.

2. Hard to curing: the water absorption capacity of the conventional matrix is poor and needs watering everyday during the dry season. The soil compacted easily and specialized personnel is needed to loosen the soil.

3. Heavy bearing: the matrix formed by the mountain soil, pond mud and sand mixture is thick and heavy which makes the heavy bearing for the building. It requires bigger bearing capacity for the building. 

The Advantage of the Roof Greening by Geotextile Bags

 1. Advantage in bearing capacity

Roof greening by geotextile bag has the advantages in bearing capacity as follows: water-concerving which is conducive to plant growth. It can rule out excess water. It’s light and low in construction height, the roof with 60kg/square meter in bearing capacity can be greened by geotextile bag.

2.vantage in construction

Roof greening by geotextile bag has the advantages in construction as follows: it’s simple, convenient and clean in construciton. The filling soil can be filled off-site, thus it’s not going to dirty the construction field like in lifts, stairs and keeps the environment clean and tidy.

3.dvantage in curing

Special watering system can be set on the spot, thus watering by man is not required and curing cost is reduced.

4.vantage in wall greening

The wall at  90 ° perpendicular can be greened by geotextile bag by planting be planted into the wall so as to achieve the wall greening.

5.Advantage in planting

With light weight and simple structure of the geotextile bag, tall trees can be planted in the soil above 30cm, thus greatly reduces the roof bearing.


6.dvantage in modeling

As the geotextile bag is made of soft materials, the modeling can be designed by the owner freely.


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